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US Biometric Solutions, Inc.

US Biometric Solutions understands the struggles one endures in maximizing their potential, and we want to partner with you in sharing the enthusiasm and excitement. We do this by offering innovative inkless live-scan fingerprinting services. Our clients receive superior services, and so will you.  The management of US Biometric Solutions hold professional degrees, are former military, former supervisory law enforcement, and supervisory public safety officials. We have raised the bar for ourselves, and in doing so, we promise a standard of professionalism, unparalleled to any other fingerprint vendors. When you bring your fingerprint needs to us, you can be certain the job will be done with quality in mind.       Come see us and get the quality services you deserve.  We want you to relax, while we take care of your fingerprint needs. We at US Biometric Solutions look forward to working with you. To learn about the services we offer call today. US Biometric Solutions,“Opportunities at your fingertips”.